Our 2 Astrolabes, dated from the early 1600's were discovered near Channel-Port aux Basques. They are both in mint condition and in working order. A very rare and valuable find for Newfoundland and all of Canada.

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About our 2 Astrolabes
Explore our connection with age-old astronomical instruments used by navigators. Two astrolabes are featured in Channel-Port aux Basques, dating from the 1600's.

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Town of Channel-Port aux Basques
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Getting Involved

Meeting people in a new community is important and can be achieved by getting involved in activities that are happening. The following section will provide numerous ways in which an individual can participate in the community life of Channel-Port aux Basques.

Community Groups

There are various community groups and organizations within Channel-Port aux Basques that allows newcomers the opportunity to become involved with other residents. Becoming engaged through an organization offers new residents social interaction and integration within a structured setting. Below are lists of some of the organizations newcomers may consider becoming involved with.

Gateway Women’s Centre
4 Anderson’s Lane (P.O. Box 1359)
Port aux Basques, NL A0M 1C0
Tel: (709) 695-7505 Fax: (709) 695-9756
Email: gwec@nf.aibn.com

2357 St. James Army Cadet Corps
Tel: (709) 695-2545
Contact Person: Phyllis Lillington

George VI International Order of Oddfellows Lodge #162
17 Currie Avenue (P.O. Box 2248)
Port aux Basques, NL A0M 1C0
Tel: (709) 695-2400/9311 Fax: (709) 695-2400

Loyal Orange Lodge #20
Water Street West (P.O. Box 103)
Port aux Basques, NL A0M 1C0
Tel: (709) 695-2396

Port aux Basques Anglican Church Women
1 Church Lane (P.O. Box 178)
Port aux Basques, NL A0M 1C0
Tel: (709) 695-2592/3231 Fax: (709) 695-7996

Port aux Basques Lions Club
10 Grand Bay Road (P.O. Box 148)
Port aux Basques, NL A0M 1C0
Tel: (709) 695-3421

Port aux Basques Volunteer Fire Department
18 Marine Drive (P.O. Box 70)
Port aux Basques, NL A0M 1C0
Tel: (709) 695-7418

Royal Canadian Legion, Branch #11
3 Reid Street (P.O. Box 939)
Port aux Basques, NL A0M 1C0
Tel: (709) 695-3242 Fax: (709) 695-3981
Email: rclbranch11@nf.aibn.com

Southwest Coast Historical Society Inc.
Trans-Canada Highway
P.O. Box 1299
Port aux Basques, NL A0M 1C0
Tel: (709) 695-7560/2646

Theta Rho Sunrise Club
P.O. Box 513
Port aux Basques, NL A0M 1C0
Tel: (709) 695-2400 Fax: (709) 695-2400
Email: tigershort@hotmail.com


Volunteers are individuals who donate their personal time and service of their own free will. Volunteering with organizations in Channel-Port aux Basques will enable you with the opportunity to integrate into the community and gain valuable experience. There are many reasons to become a volunteer:
• Meet other individuals
• There are a variety of positions available
• It’s personally rewarding, satisfying and FUN!
• Opportunity to share your skills and talents with others
• Gain work-related skills and experience
• Organizations will recognize your efforts

Ask around Town for volunteering opportunities that may be available through various community groups and organizations. The community always welcomes volunteers!
View Provincial Newcomers Guide
We strongly recommend the Newfoundland & Labrador official Newcomers Guide as a highly valuable resource. This 94 page guide is maintained with useful information surrounding government, housing, transportation, travel, education, childcare, healthcare, legal system, employment and much more. This indispensible tool contains information about many essential facts which will greatly help your adaptation to our province & Channel-Port aux Basques.

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