Our 2 Astrolabes, dated from the early 1600's were discovered near Channel-Port aux Basques. They are both in mint condition and in working order. A very rare and valuable find for Newfoundland and all of Canada.

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About our 2 Astrolabes
Explore our connection with age-old astronomical instruments used by navigators. Two astrolabes are featured in Channel-Port aux Basques, dating from the 1600's.

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Town of Channel-Port aux Basques
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Codroy Valley Wetlands

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Codroy Valley International Wetlands

Scenic Drive #2

Back on Route 408, drive 3 kilometers from Route 1 to Cape Ray
The gravel road through the park meets paved Route 408, which takes you to the community of Cape Ray, three kilometres from Route 1 – one of three capes forming the triangular points of the island of Newfoundland. Situated between the Cape Ray lighthouse and the Gulf of St. Lawrence is a site that was used as a summer hunting camp by the Dorset people from 420 B.C. to 385 A.D.

Cape Ray was also the site of the first submarine telegraph cable in Newfoundland. Laid in 1856, this project was the last link in the communication chain that connected Newfoundland with the rest of North America.

After a visit to the cape, you can sunbathe or windsurf at nearby Cape Ray Sands, or you can drive up a gravel road to Red Rocks, a former farming and fishing community. There's a spectacular view from the 1,000-foot high Sugar Loaf behind Red Rocks.

Map of Codroy Valley & Southwest Coast areas

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Canada's Ferry Gateway
to Newfoundland
The gulf crossing between North Sydney and Channel-Port aux Basques is always a memorable lifetime experience. The ferries are among the largest ice breaking ferries in the world. They look like cruise ships and they can each take 1200 passengers and 350 cars. Book early to ensure availability.


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