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Harbour Infrastructure

The harbour of Channel Port aux Basques

The harbour of Channel-Port aux Basques has been used for major shipping since 1898. For the past 112 years, the harbour has been continually developed to provide access for larger ships that import goods to Newfoundland and Labrador.

Marine Atlantic is the sole shipping company operating from the harbour, with the Canadian Coast Guard, oil tankers, cruise ships, and other occasional shipping companies harbouring. The harbour is equipped with 10 deep water docks that vary in length and depth to accommodate ships of various specifications. The harbour has an approximate water depth of 10 meters, with harbour channel width of 55 meters, and an inner harbour turning radius of 270 meters.

Marine Atlantic – Port aux Basques Harbour

In addition to the current infrastructure outlined below, the Town has ownership to undeveloped land on the eastern side of the harbour that is ideally suited for future development. An outer harbour also exists that may be well suited for specific transportation developments.

Outer Harbour – Port aux Basques Harbour
Specifications & Information

• Marked harbour entrance 55m wide
• Outer harbour approx. 1.2 km long (SE to NW) by 1.0 km wide
• Two breakwaters at NW end of outer harbour to protect inner harbour
• Inner harbour approx. 2 km long (SW to NE) by 0.7 km wide
• Four wharfs owned & operated by Marine Atlantic Inc.
• 8 timber crib wharfs owned & operated by Port Authority

Current User Ships

• MV Blue Puttees/Highlanders: 199.5m length; 6m draft
• MV Atlantic Vision: 203m length; 6.58m draft
• MV Leif Ericsson: 157m length; 5.515m draft

Marine Atlantic Docks

• Coastal Dock: 195m length; 7.5m depth
• Carson Dock: 121 length; 7.5m depth
• Former Fish Plant Dock: 70m length; 7m depth

Inner Harbour – Channel-Port aux Basques
Additional Information

• Tug boat service available
• Canadian Coast Guard Centre
• Direct link to the Trans Canada Highway