Notice of Request for Variance

The Town of Channel – Port aux Basques has received an application from Civic #24 Grand Bay West Road for a Variance to the required setback requirements to permit the construction of a building addition. The applicant is seeking a variance to the minimum rear yard setback.
The Town of Channel – Port aux Basques Development Regulations, 2019-2029, Section 3: General Regulations, 3.7 Variances is noted as follows:

3.7 Variances
Where an approval or permit cannot be given by Council because a proposed Development does not comply with development standards in the applicable use zone table, Council may, in its discretion, vary the applicable development standards to a maximum of 10% if, in Council’s opinion, compliance with the development standards would prejudice the proper Development of the Land, Building or structure in question or would be contrary to public interest

This Notice is advertised in accordance with Section 3.8 – Notice of Variance and Public Notification, 3.30 – Notice of Application of the Town of Channel – Port Aux Basques Development Regulations 2019-2029.
The Town herby gives notice of the application and invites any person who wishes to comment on the proposed development to contact the Town in writing by 5:00pm Wednesday September 21, 2022.
Please submit all correspondence to:

Town of Channel – Port Aux Basques
PO Box 70, 67 Main Street
Port Aux Basques, NL