Notice of Smoke Testing

Grand Bay East Road —

The Town of Channel-Port aux Basques wishes to advise residents that on the day of July 5th, smoke testing of the sanitary sewers in the area of Grand Bay East Road, between High Street and Hardy’s Areterial, will be taking place.

This testing involves pumping an opaque vapour into the sanitary sewer in order to check for leaks and improper connections. The vapour is not the result of combustion, does not leave stains or residuals, and is not harmful to plant and animal life. It is recommended that all residents pour a few cups of water into all floor drains, sinks, showers, and other plumbing fixtures in advance of the testing. It is not necessary to continue adding water.

You may notice vapour rising from the rooftop sewer vents in your home – this is normal.

If you notice vapour entering your residence, this is an indication that gases from the sanitary sewer system may also be entering your home, which may be a health risk to occupants. If this occurs, opening a few windows and doors will allow the vapour to dissipate more quickly.

Please notify the Town or the Consultant, Englobe Corp. at the number below if any vapour enters your home during testing. Emergency services have been notified of the planned testing and the affected area.
The vapour used in the smoke testing has a distinctive, but not unpleasant odour.

If smoke is entering your home and you are uncertain of its origin, please contact the non-emergency line of the local Fire Department and they may help determine if is it related to testing or if the Fire Department should be dispatched.

The information obtained from this testing will be used to improve the sanitary sewer system in your area, which may help in reducing extraneous flows and costs associated with the pumping and treatment of sanitary wastewater.

For further information about the planned testing, or to report the presence of vapour in your residence, please contact the Town of Channel-Port aux Basques at (709) 695-2214 or contact the Consultant, Englobe Corp., at (709) 636-9364.