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The Town’s recreational programming is delivered by the Recreation Department from the Bruce II Sports Centre. If you have any inquiries for our Recreation Department, contact the following:

President, Carol Kennedy
Tel: 458-8760
Secretary, Trudy Hewlin
Tel: 458-7820
Member At Large, Ina Snow
Tel: 458-2953

Events Recording
Tel: 695-2942
Pool Recording
Tel: 695-2530
Bowling Alley
Tel: 695-2642
Fax: 695-7683

Bruce II Maintenance Supervisor, Tony Tulk
Tel: (709) 695-3592
Email: [email protected]

Recreation Director/Economic Development, Shauna Strickland
Tel: (709) 695-5775
Email: [email protected]

Come Home Year 2022

July 28th to August 6th, 2022

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