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Town Departments

The Administration Department is responsible for the general running of the Town. All inquiries may be directed to (709) 695-2214 / 7302.

Leon MacIsaac, Town Manager
Email: lmacisaac@portauxbasques.ca
After Hours / In Case of Emergency: (709) 694-3122

Nadine Osmond, Town Clerk
Email: nosmond@portauxbasques.ca

Shauna Strickland, Economic Development Strategist
Email: sstrickland@portauxbasques.ca

Melissa Neil, Office Clerk III
Email: mneil@portauxbasques.ca

Tasha Durnford, Office Clerk II
Email: tdurnford@portauxbasques.ca

Tracy Beaton, Office Clerk III
Email: tbeaton@portauxbasques.ca

The Public Works Department is responsible for all outside municipal services such as roads, garbage collection, sewer, etc. If you have inquiries for our Public Works Department, contact the following by phone or email.

Leon MacIsaac, Town Manager
Tel: (709) 694-3122
Email: lmacisaac@portauxbasques.ca

Town Garage:
Tel: (709) 695-7444

The Water Treatment Plant is responsible for quality creation and distribution of treated water in our community. For inquiries contact:

Floyd Anderson, Water Filtration & Treatment Plant Operator II
Tel: (709) 695-7841

Robert Warren, Water Filtration & Treatment Plant Operator I
Tel: (709) 695-7841

Water Treatment Plant:
Tel: (709) 695-7841

The Town’s recreational programming is delivered by the Recreation Department from the Bruce II Sports Centre. If you have any inquiries for our Recreation Department, please contact the following:

President – Carol Kennedy – 458-8760
Secretary – Trudy Hewlin – 458-7820
Member at large – Ina Snow – 458-2953

Events Recording: (709) 695-2942
Pool Recording: (709) 695-2530
Bowling Alley: (709) 695-2642
Fax: (709) 695-7683

Andrew Davis, Recreation Director
Tel: (709) 695-3592
Email: adavis@portauxbasques.ca

Tony Tulk, Bruce II Maintenance Supervisor
Tel: (709) 695-3592
Email: ttulk@portauxbasques.ca

Tori Herridge, Administrative Supervisor
Tel: (709) 695-3592
Email: therridge@portauxbasques.ca

Shauna Strickland, Economic Development
Tel: (709) 695-5775
Email: sstrickland@portauxbasques.ca

The Town’s Fire Department is comprised of a dedicated group of volunteers. If you have inquiries for our Fire Department or want to become a volunteer, contact the following:

Jerry Musseau, Fire Chief
Tel: (709) 695-7194
Email: jmusseau@nf.sympatico.ca

Todd Strickland, Assistant Fire Chief
Tel: (709) 695-2468
Email: toddandsherrystrickland@hotmail.ca

Fire Hall (Non-Emergency): (709) 695-7418

Firefighters: Alvin Sheaves • Jerry Musseau • Jim Ingram • Todd Strickland • David Clarke • Steve Drover • Wade Francis • Chris O’Brien • Gary Sparks • Steve Ingram • Gary Meade • Jamie Scott • Colin Matthews • Dean Dicks • John Collier • Eric Davis • Mark Andrews • Eric King • Graham MacDonald • Edgar Reid • Perry Lomond • Greg Cook • Colin Leamon • Robert Battiste • Spencer Short • Bradley Leamon • Joshua Ingram • Jan Osmond • Clifford Bateman • Rene Roy • Leo Strickland • Joshua Legge